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Irish Biodiversity Farm
Reconnecting People, Farming & Nature

“Biodiversity” describes the immense variety of life on Earth. Modern life is causing huge damage to biodiversity, however – we’re killing species and damaging nature in gravely serious ways.

Biodiversity collapse”, as this problem is known, is closely associated with Climate Change. The solutions to both are often related, too.

The core mission of our Biodiversity Farm is to promote action to restore biodiversity while helping fight climate change – right across Ireland, from farms to schools, families, towns - and nationwide.

In particular, we bring farmers, scientists & specialists together to create, share & monitor plans & processes to promote biodiversity on the farm.



Multimedia & EcoFarm.Live
Reconnecting People, Farming &

a MEDIA-RICH storytelling stage : LIVESTREAMing, DRONE, VIDEO, AUDIO, satellite, science & COMMUNITY

In a world of dubious-quality Reality TV, nothing is more real than farming. Bringing this farm-and-venue to life will be challenging, varied, science-led, collaborative – and very visual. By definition, a biodiverse farm should be teeming with different forms of life. In truth, the farm has a good head-start in this regard, with fox runs and pheasants already in generous supply.

We will create a wide selection of media streams – tractorcams, yardcams, fieldcams, satellite updates, morning & evening drone footage, rabbit & pheasant cams, audiofeeds from meadows & forest. We will integrate some farming activities in part for their constant activity, such as bees, pigs, poultry. We will bring farming home and make it personal.

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